take a look at http://www.lorenzopierucci.com

About 1 week ago, the webmaster had updated the A records to point to my server, because his server was having issues.

However, it's been a week, and the site goes back and forth between returning the old server and the new server (I know this because I set a dummy index.html in the old server, saying:

Lorenzo Pierucci currently in the update process in your area. 

Right now, when I ping it, it's returning -- ( the old server )

But, other times it's returning -- , ( the new server )

Is this natural, or is there anything I can do to force the refresh?

It's a bit frustrating for me, since I don't feel this is my fault (I'm the web designer), but the blame is being moved over to me. But, enough complaining :P

I'd love anyone's assistance in helping me diagnose what is going on, and some directions on how to get this fixed.


The webmaster needs to delete the old A record, not just add a new one. It is behaving exactly as it's configured, with two addresses.

$ nslookup www.lorenzopierucci.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   www.lorenzopierucci.com
Name:   www.lorenzopierucci.com

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