I'm a designer and want to serve some static sites with Jekyll.

So I grabbed a VPS (ubuntu 12.04) and installed nginx, ruby and jekyll.

I work from a few different computers throughout the day, so I wanted to use GitHub for ease of its client. Hence I installed git, php5fpm(fastcgi) and set up two basic scripts, one for handling the webhook (webhook.php) and one for compiling and deploying the site (build.sh)

With some help, I was able to progress to the point that I can run the build script, but the build script stops when running the Jekyll command and throws an error saying:

bash: command not found

That is not the case when running my regular user, so I'm thinking this has something to do with the .bash_profile of the user running the nginx workers (which is www-data).

So to summarize, my question is: How can I make the Jekyll command available to the www-data user?


Don't try to make Jekyll available to www-data user. A cleaner and better approach will be this:

  1. Create a new user, dedicated to running your Jekyll site
    • Make Jekyll available to this user, test that it has everything it needs
  2. Create a virtual host, dedicated to running your Jekyll site
    • Make it to run as the new dedicated user
    • Make its document root owned by the new dedicated user

This setup should be easier to test, debug and replicate, and more secure too.

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