In the context of SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, is it possible to make Azure Blob storage available to a SQL Failover cluster directly as a shared SCSI resource on a Windows Cluster? An Azure blob is effectively shared storage, and a newly added disk on an Azure VM, does show up as a SCSI disk, before it is converted into a Volume (GPT).

Does SQL Server support writing to such a shared blob storage, directly, from two clustered instances?


SQL Server don't support shared data on Azure Blob Storage.

However, you can rely on Database Mirroring for a high availability. It is available in SQL Server Standard and don't even require WSFC or AD to work.


You would need to use software to do storage replication. There's a couple of options available including one from SIOS Technology Group (full disclosure, I've done some presentations for SIOS). I'm not sure how Azure would handle the shared IP. If it allows you to fail a single IP over between two machines then you can do this with SQL Standard Edition. If not then you'll still need Enterprise Edition. I know that in EC2 for example this requires having the two nodes in two different EC2 Availability Zones as you can't have two machines fail an IP back and forth.

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