We have some IIS sites which runs under Managed Service Accounts (Windows Server 2012). Theese MSAs are members of resource groups in Active Directory. We are using resource groups as logins in SQL Server 2012. Theese logins have access to roles on specific database, etc.

Problem with "access denied" or "no select permissions granted to user xxx on database yyy" or something similar like when you do not have required permissions, but you are a member of group which has theese permissions; appears when we delete IIS site with MSA and all resource groups belonging to that site and then re-create this site or when we delete database and create new database and delete and create SQL Server logins and users, or something similar. We are using script to do that without user interaction.

I don't know exactly which steps cause this problem, but when I create SQL login with same permissions and I use this login from web application it works. Also when I restart server it magically works.

Also I've tried to recycle IIS pools (runs under MSAs which are members of resource groups) but without any change.

Is there any way to force refresh of AD group membership for SQL Server 2012 without reboot? Or isn't it problem with active directory and not refreshed group membership?

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