I am trying to set up my dns records so that I can point my domain to my azure hosting. Everything is working fine except my www.mydomain.com does not direct to my website on Azure. However mydomain.com does work. I have tried creating a cname record that directs www to the root domain but this is not working.

I'm using godaddy and my records are set up like this:

Host: @, Points to: *azure ip*

Host: www, Points to: mydomain.com
Host: awverify, Points to: awverify.mydomain.azurewebsites.net

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Fixed it, had to add www.mydomain.com to azure and had to add the following entries into the dns records.

A Host: www, Points to: azure ip 
CNAME Host: awverify.www, Points to: awverify.mydomain.azurewebsites.net

I removed CNAME Host: www, Points to: mydomain.com

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