I am running VSFTP.

In a chroot environment I have the following setup:

ftpdir/links/linktodirectory1 -> ../directory1
ftpdir/links/linktofile1.txt -> ../file1.txt

Where ftpdir/links/linktodirectory1 is a symbolic link to ftpdir/directory1 and ftpdir/links/linktofile1.txt is a symbolic link to ftpdir/file1.txt.

If I transfer ftpdir/links/linktodirectory1 I get the entire directory, but if I transfer ftpdir/links/linktofile1.txt I only get the symbolic link. On the computer I have downloaded it to this symbolic link is broken.

Is there a way to tell VSFTP to follow the symbolic link and download the file?


Originally VSFTP doesn't follow symlinks. Even if you are symlinking stuff inside chrooted folder it will not work. Use hard links or Proftpd i think was able to do it.

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