My Jenkins LDAP configuration works fine for the user login and user details. The user John Doe can login with his username jdoe and his password. His initial user information (user/jdoe/configure) are correct:

Your name: John Doe (HR)
E-mail address: john.doe@company.com

But when he commits his changes to SVN and his modification triggers a new build he doesn't get the email. The error message from the build output:

Failed to send e-mail to com\jdoe because no e-mail address is known, and no default e-mail domain is configured

It clear to me that Jenkins cannot resolve com\jdoe to the Jenkins User Id jdoe. But how can I change my configuration that the Jenkins User Id is com\jdoe? Or is there a better solution?

The LDAP configuration:

User search filter: sAMAccountName={0}
Display Name LDAP attribute: displayName
Email Address LDAP attribute: mail
Disable Ldap Email Resolver: deactivated


Solved the issue by modifying the Apache configuration and changing the username from domain\username to username only.


AuthType SSPI
SSPIAuthoritative Off
SSPIDomain mydomain
SSPIOfferBasic On
SSPIUsernameCase lower

#remove the domain from the username
SSPIOmitDomain On

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