I'm trying to install Boost module to work with nginx. As we know Boost does not generate nginx directives just like Apache.

Boost has the following directives for Apache's .htaccess:

  ### BOOST START ###

  # Allow for alt paths to be set via htaccess rules; allows for cached variants (future mobile support)
  RewriteRule .* - [E=boostpath:normal]

  # Caching for anonymous users
  # Skip boost IF not get request OR uri has wrong dir OR cookie is set OR request came from this server OR https request
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} !^(GET|HEAD)$ [OR]
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (^/(admin|cache|misc|modules|sites|system|openid|themes|node/add|comment/reply))|(/(edit|user|user/(login|password|register))$) [OR]
  RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on [OR]
  RewriteCond %{ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS} 200
  RewriteRule .* - [S=3]

  # GZIP
  RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-encoding} !gzip
  RewriteRule .* - [S=1]
  RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/cache/%{ENV:boostpath}/%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}_%{QUERY_STRING}\.html -s
  RewriteRule .* cache/%{ENV:boostpath}/%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}_%{QUERY_STRING}\.html [L,T=text/html,E=no-gzip:1]

  RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/cache/%{ENV:boostpath}/%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}_%{QUERY_STRING}\.html -s
  RewriteRule .* cache/%{ENV:boostpath}/%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}_%{QUERY_STRING}\.html [L,T=text/html]

  ### BOOST END ###

I tried to convert the above code to nginx by using this site to no avail. Here's the converted code that don't work:

# nginx configuration

location / {
  rewrite ^(.*)$ /cache/$env_boostpath/$http_host$request_uri_$query_string\.html;
  rewrite ^(.*)$ /cache/$env_boostpath/$http_host$request_uri_$query_string\.html;

Can anyone help me please.

Thank you


nginx is not apache. You should be using try_files, not rewrites, for this sort of thing.

For instance, this was ripped out of a very well done sample Drupal nginx configuration:

    try_files /cache/normal/$host${uri}_${args}.html /cache/perm/$host${uri}_.css /cache/perm/$host${uri}_.js /cache/$host/0$uri.html /cache/$host/0${uri}/index.html @drupal;
  • I'm having trouble with perusio's configuration because I am using ispconfig 3. And I am lost with so many configuration. Can you please guide me for the optimal configuration of Boost for nginx? – jaYPabs Jan 26 '14 at 3:31
  • I just did. You would be better off without ispconfig. :) – Michael Hampton Jan 26 '14 at 3:34
  • I tried try_files above but still it doesn't work. I can't work without ispconfig. All of my sites are already using it. – jaYPabs Jan 26 '14 at 3:39

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