Massive iSCSI/PXE noob here.

I have a iSCSI target on my Synology NAS that I have attached in OSX using VirtualBox. I have the Ubuntu Server install ISO mounted on the Synology at /volume1000/IsoMount/

Can I install Ubuntu Server to the iSCSI target using PXE without routing traffic through the VirtualBox client machine? I'm currently remote on a shoddy internet connection and wanted to get the process started while I was away.

Is this even possible or an uneducated pipe-dream?

Any help appreciated.

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You usually use PXE/TFTP to boot something. Like an installer.

Then of course if that installer (respectively the system you are installing) supports iSCSI, then you can install it to your Synology.

You however probably mix things up because you know that iSCSI as well as PXE "work using the network", however these are fundamentally different things.


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