The print server is 2008 R2 with the most recent updates. This happens most often after a resume from sleep or if the user takes their PC to their home network. A restart of the PC or a restart of the print spooler is the only solution so far to fix this at the client side.

I installed this hotfix below, but it is still occurring-



This was a bug in Windows 8.1 that has now been fixed. The KB article 2961042 has the details. The fix is in the update rollup May2014.

Thanks to HopelessN00b for the forum link that was eventually updated with solution.


A band aid fix that we are using until windows comes out with a hotfix or update is turning off fast start-up on the windows 8 machines. (Control Panel ->Power Options -> Choose what the power buttons do -> click Change settings that are currently unavailable -> uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) Then do a reboot.)

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