Will Postfix automatically queue and resend mail if the initial attempt to send results in a "454 Throttling failure: Maximum sending rate exceeded" response from the Amazon SES SMTP server?

The postfix server is configured to send mail through Amazon SES, as per the Amazon's instructions for Integrating Amazon SES with Postfix.

I found https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16282065/postfix-handling-amazon-ses-maximum-send-rate-error but it's unanswered and only suggests using what seems to be an unrelated properly to rate limit all mail to a certain domain. Is this the best option?


Yes, the default_destination_concurrency setting is probably the simplest thing, though you could create a custom transport and make sure all of your messages to the relay server go through that.. something similar to this, possibly:


except use a single regex to direct all mail through your custom transport.

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Yes it will retry sending the messages after a throttling error. In my experience I found that postfix retried sending the messages about 5 minutes after the original throttling error was reported in the log file.

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