Amazon AWS seems to provide two methods of launching an instance of Ubuntu 12.04 that confuse me,

All of these comparisons are 12.04 LTS, Micro, w/ amd64 architecture

With the Software Marketplace, I see these AMI ids for a Micro Instance:

Region                            ID
US East (Virginia)                ami-967edcff
US West (Oregon)                  ami-c6cc43f6
US West (Northern California)     ami-997356dc
EU West (Ireland)                 ami-e7b6b393
Asia Pacific (Singapore)          ami-5e01400c
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)              ami-c83c8fc9
South America (Sao Paulo)         ami-ea3ce2f7

However, with the Ubuntu Website I see,

Zone            AMI-ID          AKI-ID
us-east-1       ami-83dee0ea    aki-88aa75e1
eu-west-1       ami-aa56a1dd    aki-71665e05
ap-southeast-1  ami-bc7325ee    aki-fe1354ac
us-west-1       ami-c45f6281    aki-f77e26b2
us-west-2       ami-d0d8b8e0    aki-fc37bacc
sa-east-1       ami-d55bfbc8    aki-c48f51d9
ap-southeast-2  ami-e577e9df    aki-31990e0b
ap-northeast-1  ami-f72e45f6    aki-44992845

What is the difference say between ami-83dee0ea (from Ubuntu Website), and ami-967edcff (from the AWS Software Marketplace).

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I can't point on the exact difference but the AMIs have different owners (or maintainer). So it is possible that there are not all packages up-to-date on any image...

I assume the AMIs on the ubuntu page are maintained directly by Canonical and the others possibly by Amazon.

Most of the time you can choose whatever way you want. I prefer using the EC2 web console and so using the AMIs which are in the marketplace.

Hope that helps.

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