I try to setup a git server with gitolite and make some repositories public.

I installed gitolite, configured it for the user git and everything works fine. Permissions and UMask are set to 0027, to allow redmine to read within git repositories.

UMASK                           =>  0027

I installed the package git-daemon-run and added the following line :

repo myrepo
    RW+ = @users
    R = daemon

I adjusted the --base-path directive in /etc/sv/git-daemon/run file to the /home/git/repositories directory.

But when I launch the command git clone git@gitserver.tld:myrepo from an "anonymous" server, the server prompt for a passphrase (git@gitserver.tld's password) !

This happens also if I launch git daemon as a git user

 $ git daemon --base-path=/home/git/repositories --reuseaddr

My repo is not a public repo...

How to setup the server not to prompt for password ?

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I found the solution: when I run git's client, I must connect using the git protocol.

 git clone git@gitserver.tld:myrepo #git through ssh protocol
 git clone git://gitserver.tld/myrepo #use of git protocol

The use of git protocol works like a charm !

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