I have installed a xenapp server which is working fine in a local environment but when it comes to publish application over WAN it says

Could not connect to server

however its opening the webpage for citrix signin and I am able to sign in & can see all the published apps, but when I click any of them it downloads. ica application file and the gives the error.

Note: I have installed certificate and citrix receiver, I have done port mapping on router that's why I am able to open the citrix login page..


Have you also opened up the required ICA ports to the servers in your farm?

Depending on how you have things configured, you will also need to open ports TCP/1494 and/or TCP/2598 to your server farm or from your secure gateway device (or netscaler) to your XenApp application servers.

  • Yes I had done that as well, I also tried without firewall on. Did not work in both the cases..
    – sandy
    Feb 12 '14 at 12:56

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