Which characters in a Nagios plugin output need escaping other than pipe (|)?

How do I escape the pipe character and others?


The development guidelines do not specify a way to escape the |

The syntax of the first line is fix and not very flexible

SERVICE STATUS: First line of output | First part of performance data

and then in section 2.6 (Performance Data)

Nagios 3 and newer will concatenate the parts following a "|" in a) the first line output by the plugin, and b) in the second to last line, into a string it passes to whatever performance data processing it has configured.

I would then assume that if you have a | in the First line of output part it will just interpreted as the beginning of the performance data.

Since the first line of output is not interpreted (up to the |) I would also assume that no characters have to be specially handled.


As already mentioned, the | character is a reserved one to seperate plugin output from performance datas.

There is actually no way to escape it.

Regarding escaping other characters : Nagios uses STDOUT to display the plugin output. This means that it will display it as is.

However there is an exception for the \ character. You will have to escape it with an extra \.

For example, to display c:\Windows\system32 your plugin output should be c:\\Windows\\system32.

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