I have a problem with transfer files between two Linux servers in the same network. On source server I have directory with 40055 small files, directory size is 34 GB. I tried to transfer those files with rsync command:

rsync -ah --progress --inplace /dir/dir_with_files user@server:/dir/destination_dir

After transfer, on destination server I have directory with size 108 GB not 34 GB

Blocks on partitions are the same.

I did the same thing with scp but the problem is the same.

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    Any sparse files ?
    – user9517
    Commented Feb 15, 2014 at 11:47

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For a complete retention of everything, try:

rsync --archive --hard-links --sparse-files --acls --xattrs source dest

Then to verify correctness, you can do something like (assuming no spaces in your file names): for file in *; do md5sum $file >> /tmp/sums.txt; done and then diff sums.txt on both servers. The md5summing is going to take a while, though.

If you do have spaces in your file names, construct something with find and/or xargs

BTW, what does du --bytes -hs say? That way, you rule out block size.

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