With this config file


Styles {
    emacs maximize

I'm getting the following error

D:\programs\Xming\Xming.exe :0 -clipboard -multiwindow 

XdmcpRegisterConnection: newAddress
winPrefsLoadPreferences: C:\Documents and Settings\root/Xmingrc
LoadPreferences: syntax error, unexpected STRING line 3

I've tried many different variations in capitalization, blank lines, command ordering and removing silentexit but to no avail. Otherwise, Xming works; loading emacs is not a problem (except that I have to maximize the screen manually).

I'm actually looking for two things:

  1. what's wrong with this file
  2. a more detailed explanation on configuring Xmingrc files

WRT item 2 for example, the man page for xmingrc gives the following format for styles:

    Class|Name Group1 Group2

but gives no indication as to what a Class is and only infers a Name with an example.


I believe the Styles keyword was introduced after the latest public domain release (6.9.something). I had the same problem and didn't realize that I have to donate to get the latest version.

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