How do I achieve the same result on OS X 10.9 as I do on Ubuntu with commands:

$ genisoimage -output init.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock user-data meta-data


$ qemu-img convert -O raw disk.img disk.img.raw
$ hdiutil makehybrid -o init.iso -hfs -joliet -iso -default-volume-name cidata config/

Where config/ contains meta-data and user-data.

To install qemu, simply run the following from the command-line:

$ brew install qemu

I had to this exact same thing for generating a local cloud init setup.

mkisofs is a drop in replacement for genisoimage from what I can tell.

mkisofs -output init.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock {user-data,meta-data}

You can brew install cdrtools which includes mkisofs.

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    Except it is missing the -e flag for EFI Mar 30 '19 at 2:47

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