I'm on a vpn. I ssh to a machine through another machine like so

ssh -A -t -l bob ssh -A -t node-17

I now need to scp a file from node-17:/tmp/something.

How can I do the above in one step? There is no space left on the other nodes to move it to first. I should add that public keys are used to authenticate between and node-17



I'm not sure about the -t options, but what I think you want is

ssh -At -o 'ProxyCommand ssh -At -l bob' node-17

Then the same method works with scp, e.g.

scp -o 'ProxyCommand ssh -At -l bob' file node-17:file

To make this connection configuration permanent so you don't have to reenter it every time, put the following into your ~/.ssh/config:

Host node-17
ProxyCommand ssh -At -l bob

Then all you'll need to run is ssh -At node-17 or scp file node-17:file.


Instead of SCP you could just cat the file on the remote machine and save the output locally.

ssh -A -t -l bob ssh -A -t node-17 cat /tmp/something > /local/copy/of/something

You can also use this in the other direction to upload a file to the remote machine, but with an extra hop it requires some creative quoting on the command line:

ssh -A -t -l bob 'ssh -A -t node-17 "cat > /tmp/new-file"' < /local/copy/of/new-file

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