Does anyone have suggestions on reliable and cheap VPSes (up to around $10 each)? I found this link on a related question and was wondering if anyone had reviews for these services or others:


To start, here are some services I've had personal experiences with:

  1. HostLatch ($6) - My first ever VPS host. They don't answer all support tickets, but do answer if there's a big problem (server is down). Still, I've had many different VPSes with them and downtime happens, but usually gets resolved quickly. Great specs for the price.

  2. DMEHosting ($6) - TERRIBLE. My servers were down about 5 separate times in the past few weeks, for well over a day's worth of time. On top of that, they had a server crash a few days ago so I lost all my data. From this alone, I had over 12 hours of downtime. I've lost much more money than I've saved with their cheap, but extremely unreliable hosting.

  3. HiVelocity ($8) - The only OS they support is CentOS 4.5. I haven't had any downtime with them at all in the past month and a half. Support is fast, but isn't helpful, and web interface is terrible.

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Heh, I'm the author of that blog :) Anyway, I had a VPS with HostGD (as mentioned in the post) and they seemed quite good. Support was fast, I could change the OS of my VPS anytime, upgrade options etc. Cheap too, $4.95 IIRC.


I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for". I know it's not what you asked, but if you stretch your budget just a little, you can get a $20 plan at rimuhosting.com.


VPSLink? I use them and they seem alright. Answers tickets quite quickly although the answer may not be what I was looking for. They have both OpenVZ and Xen based ones. I have also heard of VPSVillage but they did not reply the very first query email that I sent to them.


Follow current promos and some reviews/comments for VPSes around $5/month at Lowendbox

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