I am using snort to log all traffic on an interface

snort -i eth1 -l /interface/log/dir -b -U -m 112

With this command I manage to get ALL data which makes my log files very large.

Is there any way to tell snort only to output packets which come from or go to a certain list of subnets? (More than one)


Look at /etc/snort/snort.conf

You can define your home and external nets. Home nets are being ignored while external nets are being processed.

var HOME_NET [,]

you can easily extend this lists.

Afer you have defined your sensible and home nets, you can exclude rules you don't use or don't need to monitor.

include $RULE_PATH/local.rules
include $RULE_PATH/bad-traffic.rules
include $RULE_PATH/exploit.rules
include $RULE_PATH/community-exploit.rules
include $RULE_PATH/scan.rules
include $RULE_PATH/finger.rules
# include $RULE_PATH/ftp.rules
include $RULE_PATH/telnet.rules

Just uncomment the rules you don't need.

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  • Thanks for the answer. HOME_NET controls the subnets that apply to rules. I am using snort to log all packets and record them to disk. What I need is for snort to filter out these packets before they are written to disk ( I am using snort as if it were a tcpdump instance ). I think BPF filters are the solution to this problem but I cant quite seem to get them to work for muliple nets. (something like net and net and host – user2284355 Feb 27 '14 at 10:37

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