I am trying to set up an OpenBSD box to use a LDAP server for authentication. I am following the directions at http://www.obfuscurity.com/2009/08/OpenBSD-as-an-LDAP-Client and for the most part they seem to be working. When I run /usr/libexec/auth/login_-ldap -d -s login USERNAME ldap it authenticates properly, and running ypldap -dv shows output lines like "pushing line:" followed by what looks like a passwd file entry for all my ldap users. So far, so good.

However, when I run getent passwd it still only shows local users (my understanding was that it should show both local and LDAP users), and when I try to authenticate as any LDAP user, authLog shows "Invalid User". What might I have missed?


You have to be very careful that the mappings listed in /etc/ypldap.conf are correct for this to work. In this case, the UID parameter was wrong: instead of returning an ID number, it was returning the user name. This does not create an error anywhere, however it does prevent the users from being used.

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