I want to check with procmail if a file exists and depending on this set DROPPRIVS=yes if its not true stay with DROPPRIVS=no

Why is this not working?

:0 w
* `test -f $HOME/mail/.procmailrc` ?? 1

First off, the output from test is nothing at all, so the backticks will capture an empty string; presumably, you actually want to capture the exit code from test, not the output.

But anyway, backticks are not valid in a condition. You could use backticks outside of a condition and compare the result, or the exit code, to a variable:

EXISTS=`test -f $HOME/mail/.procmailrc`
* EXITCODE ?? ^^1^^

but more idiomatically and elegantly, you can use a single question mark to examine the exit code of an external command:

* ! ? test -f $HOME/mail/.procmailrc

The ! negates the condition, so any non-zero exit code triggers the action.

  • the sond solution works. But I do not understand "? !" – user1888089 Mar 15 '14 at 10:29
  • ? means examine exit code and ! inverts the truth value. test -f is true when the file exists, but we want truth (successful condition) when it doesn't. – tripleee Mar 15 '14 at 12:17

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