Sorry about the title, it wouldn't let me use the word PROBLEM.

In our SCSM we have used SCSM 2012: Notify the analyst when an end-user comment is added to an incident to have our system automatically email the analyst when a comment is added to the incidents action log.

I would like to also be able to automatically email the assigned to user of a Problem when a comment is added to the associated problems action log is updated.

Anyone know how to accomplish this?


There is a couple of ways to achieve this. I hate normally pasting links without an extract, but the extract would not be sufficient to fully answer this.

Option 1: Use Notifications

  1. Notify the Analyst when a user adds comments from the portal for an Incident or Service Request.

  2. Notify the End User when the Analyst updates the action log from the console for an Incident or Service Request.

If you are using the Exchange connector to process emails to create and update emails:

  1. Notify the Analyst when an end user replies to email notifications with comments (or provides new information) for an incident or Service Request.

  2. Notify an End User when analysts reply to emails requesting more information (reply to assigned to user notification or analyst notification which will be logged as Analyst comments on the Incident or Service Request)

  3. We will modify assignment/re-assignment management pack to notify for assignment or re-assignment of a Service Request.

Option 2: Use third party tool

Option 1 in my own opinion is a better option.

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