I need an executable inside an ext2 loop filesystem to have the CAP_NET_ADMIN (cap_net_admin) file capability set.

If it is possible with debugfs, what exactly would be the commands I would type in?

If not possible with debugfs, is there another tool or way to do this?

This would be equivalent to the libcap command: setcap cap_net_admin+ep {executable}

  • No, debugfs cannot do this. Why not simply mount it and do it on the mounted filesystem? – Dennis Kaarsemaker Mar 6 '14 at 20:05

I need to do this without root and within a Makefile or script.

Found patches that may go into the next version of debugfs which works great!

Especially the ability to dump out to an outfile (ea_get {file} security.capability -f {outfile}) the known security.capability values of a preset file.

Then you use ea_set (ea_set {file} security.capability -f {infile}) to set any other files to the preset capability.

I think you also need to set before you start if it is not there:

feature ext_attr

Patches will require your hands to get dirty, but it starts from:


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