I am trying to install vlc to my lab of 150 window computers using puppet. I am following this guide and have set up my manifest as:

node 'node.domain.tld' {

package { "VLC media player 2.1.3":
 ensure   => "2.1.3",
 source   => "\\\\server\\puppet$\\vlc-2.1.3.exe",
 install_options => ['/L=1033 /S']

Running a puppet agent -t --debug shows that this command is being run:

cmd.exe /c start "puppet-install" /w \\server\puppet$\vlc-2.1.3.exe "/L=1033 /S"

This brings up the windows installer for VLC (but doesn't install silently) when puppet agent runs. When I run the command this way (without quotes), it installs silently as intended.

cmd.exe /c start "puppet-install" /w \\server\puppet$\vlc-2.1.3.exe /L=1033 /S

I came across this bug which appears to be resolved in version 3.3.0. Both the puppet master and agent in my environment are version 3.4.3.

Am I going about this the wrong way to install VLC?


I was told to change install_options => ['/L=1033 /S'] to install_options => ['/L=1033', '/S']

This appears to have solved the problem. Apparently I was sending both switches as one command instead of two separate commands.

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