Our SCCM setup stopped downloading updates 3 days ago.

The error shown on the wsyncmgr.log is this:

Sync failed: The subscription cannot be run at this time. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Source: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.SoapExceptionProcessor.DeserializeAndThrow SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER   11/03/2014 02:53:05 p.m.    308 (0x0134)

Everything was running smoothly. I have tried to solve the issue but I'm stuck here.

EDIT: I have rebooted both DB and SCCM servers.

  • What does google say about the error? Minus this question of course. – MDMoore313 Mar 11 '14 at 22:15
  • @MDMoore313 nothing, actually. Other than this question (and one posted by the same author elsewhere), this error message and source don't show up on the Googles. Might be a case for MS support. – HopelessN00b Mar 12 '14 at 1:30
  • @hopelessN00b your google fu is weak grasshopper lipsync lipsync lipsync.. social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/… try rebooting the sql server. – MDMoore313 Mar 12 '14 at 3:35
  • @MDMoore313 Different source (System.Web.Services), and a DB reboot fixed the issue in that thread.... which has already been tried here. – HopelessN00b Mar 12 '14 at 5:10
  • Thanks for the input. I will schedule of both DB and SCCM servers again tonight. Otherwise, I'll have to open the case with MS. If the reboot works, I will update the question. – er_tomas Mar 12 '14 at 15:42

As stated on the question, I had rebooted the SQL server without success.

I opened a case with MS support and the analyst recommended rebooting both SQL server and SCCM server.

I tried this and the server is now syncing correctly with Windows Update.

The original cause of the issue was that the SQL server ran out of space. I did not have this information before. The space issue was fixed and the server rebooted, however, a reboot of both servers was necessary in this case.

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