I'm on Windows, using SVN as a part of SharpSVN library. I need to store my passwords in plain text. I tried putting the following in my servers file:

store-passwords = yes
store-plaintext-passwords = yes
store-auth-creds = yes
store-ssl-client-cert-pp-plaintext = yes

Here's what I have in the config file:

### To disable all password stores, use an empty list:
password-stores =

And yet, this is what I see in the \auth\svn.simple\0675.. file after I checkout the repository:

K 8
V 8
K 8
V 372

What am I doing wrong here?


According to the SVNBook, the configuration option store-plaintext-passwords can't force Subversion client to store the password in plain-text (e.g. in unencrypted form).

The option's task is to control how Subversion client reacts in case it can't save the password in non-plaintext form.

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