I am setting up a Linux server similar to a TCP echo server and am wondering about security issues I should be concerned about. This will be a bare bones Centos/KDE server with no additional files other than my server binary listening on a port of my choice. Assuming I don't have any buffer overflows or similar security flaws in my server and if I configure the server to drop all non-TCP traffic on all ports except for the one my server is listening on, do I have much to worry about? The server runs from user with execute only permissions and I use a STRONG root password. Am I missing anything? Thanks.


You could use xinetd to limit the number of concurrent connections otherwise it will be easy to do a DDOS on you. xinetd also has several other useful features to strengthen things.

Can you restrict access from a certain number of hosts - if so then firewall off the rest of the world for that port.

If you are allowing external ssh access to this system, then move sshd to a non standard port and do not allow root logins. Ideally use ssh keys instead of or with passwords.

  • Thank you for your input. Initially I can't restrict the number of hosts for what I'm trying to accomplish. I may be able to change that requirement at some point. I did think about DDOS already and should have mentioned I plan on implementing some kind of restriction control - thanks for the xinetd recommendation. I'll disable ssh since the server will physically be in my possession.
    – Teddy
    Mar 14 '14 at 21:16

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