We have a Config Manager 2012 R2 setup with 2 Distribution Points on remote sites. In the remote site the Applications don't get downloaded, the status remains on 'downloading (0% complete)'

In the DataTransferService log I find the following errors:

Successfully sent location services HTTPS failure message. Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 600, status ''

GetDirectoryList_HTTP mapping original error 0x80072efd to 0x800704cf.

GetDirectoryList_HTTP('https://DPSERVER.OURDOMAIN.com:443/NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/1f90ce9d-d4a0-44c4-a1af-7ece7b1c0ef6') failed with code 0x800704cf.

Error retrieving manifest (0x800704cf). Will attempt retry 9 in 3600 seconds.

I've disabled the Firewall on both the client and the DP. No change The DP has a valid Web Server Certificate installed and the client has a valid workstation authentication certificate installed. If I open a browser and navigate to https://DPSERVER.OURDOMAIN.com:443/NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/PIT00004 it displays a 'IE cannot display this page' error. If I open the 'http://'-version of the url it throws an '403 - Access Denied' errorr (which is correct).

I'm currently stuck with it. Any suggestions as to where to look for a resolution?

Thanks in advance


You may check your IIS settings. Open the IIS managment console and goto application pools. Got to SMS Distribution points pool, right click and select advanced settings. make Enable 32-bit applications setting to be false.


This was resolved eventually. It turned out that no httpS listener was created by the DP installation process....

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