Does Microsoft Windows have any equivalent product similar to Ubuntu's LXC container virtualization technology?


There's nothing exactly like Linux containers in the Windows world. App-V is probably the closest you'll get.


Late answer :-)

Now there is something : Windows Containers & Hyper-V containers

"In a similar way, Microsoft has been adding containerization primitives to the Windows kernel, allowing any user code to execute a process in a sandboxed environment. Those feature are only available in the just released Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 3 (TP3), which makes it the only Windows Server operating system that is capable of running the Docker daemon today"

Source : Introducing the Technical Preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016 http://blog.docker.com/2015/08/tp-docker-engine-windows-server-2016/

Windows Containers https://msdn.microsoft.com/virtualization/windowscontainers/containers_welcome




You can create Linux and also Windows containers if you are a windows 10 user. https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install/

This uses hyper-v for virtualization and docker containers for containerization.

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