I've created a slackware build script so I could build a specific package and then install it on a couple of servers running identical versions. I'm aware you could use doinst.sh to do things after the package was installed, but is there a similar script that's executed upon uninstall? For example, when the package is installed, in doinst.sh I have a couple of specific environment variables that append to /etc/profile. I'm wondering if it is possible to automatically remove them from /etc/profile if the package gets deleted (i.e. create a douninst.sh that would do that)?


Slackware Linux doesn't have any provision for post package removal scripts. You may want to create a remove script and manually run it anytime you remove the package. It would be nice if there were built-in support for this though.

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    Yes, I've notice there isn't any other solution rather than just running the script myself. Hopefully they change that in 10 years from now. Thanks! :)
    – tftd
    May 29 '14 at 13:25

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