I'm trying to remove a package from a local debian repo. reprepro list shows it, but reprepro remove says it's not found. The file exists in the backup directory but not in the pool directory. I guess that means it's not really there?

$ reprepro -b /opt/debrepo list qa
qa|beats|amd64: beats-blt 1.2.1-rc1

$ reprepro -b /opt/debrepo remove qa  beats-blt
Exporting indices...
Not removed as not found: beats-blt

$ reprepro -b /opt/debrepo remove qa  beats-blt_1.2.1-rc1
Exporting indices...
Not removed as not found: beats-blt_1.2.1-rc1

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I had a similar problem, except that the list command didn't see it either, but the include command thought it was still there when I tried to add it. This fixed it for me:

reprepro deleteunreferenced

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