I am using windows7 os and i have a database on MSSQL server 2005 i am using following codes to import database

sqlcmd -S [server instance name] -d [database name] -i [filename you want to import]

i want to export database something like above command if any?

  • By "export database" do you mean "backup database" ?
    – krisFR
    Mar 27, 2014 at 13:03

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Assuming you've the right permissions, try:

SqlCmd -E -S Server_Name –Q "BACKUP DATABASE [Name_of_Database] TO DISK=’X:PathToBackupLocation[Name_of_Database].bak'"

Note: Instead of -E, you can use -U and -P to specify user credentials.

Then to restore, use the following syntax:

SqlCmd -E -S Server_Name –Q "RESTORE DATABASE [Name_of_Database] FROM DISK=’X:PathToBackupFile[File_Name].bak'"

Source: Backup and Restore Your SQL Server Database from the Command Line.

To export specific data, see: How to export data as CSV format from SQL Server using sqlcmd?


The -i is to import a procedure/table/whatever from a file and there is a -o option to output a table/procedure to a file. See sqlcmd.

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