Mysql service just stop working. once I typed: service mysql startThe linux system displayed the following:

tail: invalid option -- n
Try `tail --help' for more information.
tail: invalid option -- n
Try `tail --help' for more information.
/etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: The partition with is too full! failed!

Knowing that I didnt edit the mysql file, it is always like that and my server ist not full because I checked this with df command. What can I do about it?

The -type f -name tail gives:

  • The weirdness begins with the invalid option error from tail since -n is very much a correct option. What happens if you call e.g. tail -n 2 /etc/fstab in the terminal? – Sven Mar 28 '14 at 11:27
  • No it works fine in fact – amani Mar 28 '14 at 11:28
  • Even if the disk is not full, it might be having too many files or folders. can you show your df -h and df -i – Sverre Mar 28 '14 at 11:29
  • should I upgrade mysql version? I have no idea what to do – amani Mar 28 '14 at 11:30
  • 1
    What OS are you on? What happens it you edit /etc/init.d/mysql to contain the line which tail and then call service mysql status? Is it the same output as when you issue this command on the shell (e.g. both /usr/bin/tail)? – Sven Mar 28 '14 at 11:45

Looks like a problem in the initialization scripts, temporarily you can try running mysqld or mysqld_safe to bypass them.

  • Check your my.cnf to see what start options you have defined. Sounds like you've got a hosed init script. – TheFiddlerWins Mar 28 '14 at 14:41
  • By the way despite that the solution worked but the service sttoped once again by it self and it refuses to be started :( – amani Mar 28 '14 at 20:46
  • @TheFiddlerWins it mysql start displays ERROR 2002 C'ant connect to local Mysql server through soket /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock (2).. and in deed this file is not existing under this path – amani Mar 28 '14 at 20:49
  • with find command I figure out there is no such a file mysqld.sock or mysql.sock in all the server directories..How can I fix that? – amani Mar 28 '14 at 21:57

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