Can you guys help? I have set up an ubuntu server 12.04 for Zimbra, I download zcs 8.0.2 and put it in /opt/zimbra. but when I run install.sh, even though prerequisites ARE Found and I Agree to the License and select packages to intall, the folder is removed and I get the following error:

./install.sh line 339: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetup.pl: No such file or directory

And when I go back to looking for that .pl I don't find anything, everyhting's wiped out !

Any thoughts? Thanks


Don't use ZCS 8.0.2 on 12.04.

Please download 8.0.7 from here


You should not put the installation folder in /opt/zimbra, cause the Zimbra installation script will erase everything in /opt/zimbra folder. That's why you get the "No such file" error.

Instead of /opt/zimbra, you could use /opt or even your user home folder.


Execute the installer script file

# ./install.sh

Or on platforms other than RHEL:

# ./install.sh --platform-override   

For more details http://www.tslonlinestuff.com/2018/04/zimbra-zcs-installation-on-centos-7.html

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