Is there a way to rename an existing virtual network on Azure? Via powershell, for instance.

I see no options in the portal UI, and I've already setup a sizeable deployment within the existing network.


Aug 2015. It is still not possible to rename a VNET. The solution is still to create a new VNET and migrate the resources into it.


I'm not sure if you can really change it (haven't tried), but if, then through PowerShell and the Set-AzureVNetConfig cmdlet.

<NetworkConfiguration xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ServiceHosting/2011/07/NetworkConfiguration">
        <DnsServer name="<server-name>" IPAddress="<server-address>"/>
      <LocalNetworkSite name="<site-name>">
      <VirtualNetworkSite name="<site-name>" AffinityGroup="<group-name>">
        <Gateway profile="Small">
            <LocalNetworkSiteRef name="<site-name>"/>
              <Connection type="Dedicated"/>
          <DnsServerRef name="<server-name>"/>
          <Subnet name="<subnet-name>">

E.g. retrieve the config:

Get-AzureVNetConfig -ExportToFile "C:\temp\azurenetconfig.netcfg"

modify the file

Upload config:

Set-AzureVNetConfig -ConfigurationPath "C:\temp\azurenetconfig.netcfg"


Create a Windows Azure Network using PowerShell,
Windows Azure Virtual Network Configuration


There is currently no option to do so.

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