I use ubuntu 12.04. I need to boot with one of the network interfaces 'eth1' down. I tried adding

sudo ifconfig eth1 down

to /etc/rc.local However it seems the interface is brought up and then down. Is there any way it should not start on boot?


You can add the interfaces that should not come up on boot on a new file /etc/network/interfaces.noboot, then bring them up when needed with:

sudo ifup -i /etc/network/interfaces.noboot -v eth1

You should be able to remove the relevant entries from the /etc/network/interfaces file but check out it's associated documentation interfaces(5) to be sure.

  • If I remove the entries from interfaces file, what could be the easy method to bring up and add/remove a static IP to this interface? – Ajo Augustine Apr 2 '14 at 4:38

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