I have installed hMailServer in one machine and IIS STMP in another machine. Even though hMailSever itself is a SMTP server.

I can't avoid this because the IIS SMTP server has some hooks which which encrypts and decrypts the incoming and outgoing mails.

Since IIS SMTP doesn't support to create & manage mail accounts, I thought of using hMail Server. Now I am able to send the outgoing mails by setting the SMTP relay settings in hMailServer. In this way If I send a mail to hMailServer's SMTP it relays to IIS SMTP server. This works fine.

But If I receive a mail from outside the mail directly goes to hMailServer. But the mails are encrypted. Ideally I should receive all mails to IIS SMTP then decrypt and send it to hMailServer so that the user can download the mails through POP3 to his outlook.

How do I do this please? Is there a option to transfer all incoming mails from IIS SMTP to send it to hMailServer. Please guide me how to achieve this.

  1. Open IIS SMTP Virtual Server (using IIS6 Manager)
  2. Right Click -> Properties
  3. Delivery Tab
  4. Advanced
  5. Fill in "Smart Host" (your hMailServer)

More details here

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