I still use extlookup (Yes, I know that it's deprecated :-( But I can't find time to move to hiera).

My problem - I need to move from puppet master/puppet agent setup, to puppet apply that is run locally. Everything was smooth... except of extlookup.

When I try to use:

puppet apply -e 'class { 'classX': }'

And if somewhere inside of classX (or inside of one of required classes) extlookup is used, extlookup_datadir is fully ignored. No matter where I'll define/declare that variable.

I tried in classX init.pp file above class declaration, and inside of class declaration.

So the question is - is possible to use extlookup somehow with

puppet apply -e

? :-)

  • The only solution that I see now, is to create sth.pp with node '...' definition, and add everything there. But this solution sucks :-) – Tomasz Olszewski Apr 7 '14 at 14:44

This is the only solution that came into my mind after some thinking:

cat<<EOF | puppet apply --noop
$(cat /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp)
node "$(hostname -f)" {
    my::definition { "resName" }

As with puppetmaster setup I put in site.pp extlookup_datadir and extlookup_precedence. So I don't need to change anything in my manifests - only to use this "wrapper".

I'll appreciate any better solutions :-)

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