We have a banking application[1] that requires a Dialup Connection object to establish it's connection.

We've recently upgraded to Windows 7 and are unable to create the connection; the error message is "The wizard cannot create the connection" with no error codes or anything useful.

We have tried:

  • Create the DUN as Domain Administrator = works, but not available to the user.
  • Create the DUN as Local Administrator = works, but not available to the user.
  • Push the DUN using Group Policy = gpresult and rsop says the policy has applied successfully, but the DUN is not in Networking and Connections panel.
  • Adding the domain user to the Local Administrator group = Same error.
  • Disabling UAC = Same error.
  • Creating a test user on a test computer, both in their own OU and blocking all Group Policies = Same error.

There appears to be no logs in the event log, and funnily enough there is not much information on the internet about Windows 7 + Active Directory + Dialup.

[1] Yes this is a legacy application, there is an upgrade path to an online web application, but we're not quite in the position to upgrade it yet

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