Currently have a 3 node 2012r2 cluster. Everything is working fine without any issues with networking / VLANS / etc...

The issue that I am having is needing to define the VLAN at the Guest VM Configuration Level.

I can create a Virtual Teamed NIC and assign it to say VLAN 13. Attach the VirtualSwitch to this newly created Virtual Team. However, no network connectivity. I apply VLAN 13 to the Virtual Machine and this now works.

Let's take another approach. I have my Teamed Nic "Team 1 - Core" and I create a virtual switch, assign the virtual switch to vlan 13. This VM is not able to connect to items on that network. I configure the VM to use VLAN 13, it will work.

I take the approach It's ignoring the Virtual Switch and the OS Teaming. I apply VLAN 13 to both. Same results. I am required to assign VLAN 13 to the virtual machine and it works.

Ultimately, I do not want to manually assign the VLAN ID to the virtual machines.

I have found the answer for this.

You have to do both.

  1. Assign VLAN ID in the Team Interface OR
  2. Assign VLAN in Hyper-V vSwitch <- Microsoft best practices AND
  3. Assign the VLAN ID to the Virtual Machine
  • How do you have the physical switch configured? – Rex Apr 8 '14 at 22:36
  • The switches are Dell PowerConnect 8164 stack. The port is in a Channel-group with switchport mode trunk. Allowing all vlans. The only issue is when I do not define the Virtual Machine with the VLAN ID itself. If I configure the vSwitch with the VLAN ID or the Team Interface with the VLAN ID it wouldn't work. – Ruvi Apr 8 '14 at 22:44

Setup NIC Teaming, use this Virtual Adapter to setup a HyperV Virtual Switch and set the VLAN ID for the management OS on it. Set the VLAN ID of the VM on the network card of the VM.


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