In an EC2 Amazon Linux instance(based on Centos) I am running RabbitMQ in a docker container and I have configured it to listen to 5672 and 15672 tcp ports on This container process is running under root.

When I am testing to see if there is a process running on that port:

nc -z 5672

I get the correct ouput.

However, when I am trying to run Play Framework under the ec2-user, Akka hangs and times out when it tries to connect to

If I am running Play Framework under root, everything works.

Do I need to add any firewall rules to allow processes running under ec2-user to connect to processing running under root?


No you shouldn't have to. It sounds like you have a different problem, possibly permissions in your play framework distribution. You can try something like:

sudo chown -R ec2-user:ec2-user /whatever/dir/where/play/is 

also check as ec2-user, not as root:

nc -z 5672
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