I have a VPS with CentOS 6.x, DirectAdmin control panel, and CSF.
There are about 40 domains on it, but one of them did not load since yesterday (itgates.ir). When I ping this domain, is there not any response. Its files are ok, and I don't know what's ther problem for!
All other domains are working well...
What is the problem?


I believe this domain name has expired. According to the whois for the domain -

nserver:    ns1.parniaweb.net
nserver:    ns2.parniaweb.net
last-updated:   2014-04-07
expire-date:    2014-04-04

Interestingly the whois records show the nameservers as being ns[1,2].parniaweb.net, which are responding with an IP address, so the ISP is answering correctly for the domains - its just that no one knows to look to the ISP's nameservers.

(I can confirm that the TLD root nameservers are not carrying the NS records, so at a guess the domain name is suspended but can be paid for and fixed - I have no specific knowledge of .ir domains though)

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