While trying to troubleshoot an IIS error I came upon a guide that discussed the error code in the IIS log.

The 4 server logs you NEED to know to fix any IIS / ASP.NET error

The post uses the following excerpt from an IIS log file ...

2013-06-16 03:39:19 ::1 GET /test.aspx mincase=80 80 - ::1 - 500 16 0 3173

The article goes on to say that the 500 represents the status code while the 16 is the substatus code. However, when I try and search for the status code via Google, I always see it referred to as 500.16. Is this essentially two different ways to reference the same error code? Is there a difference between and 500 16 and 500.16?


Two different ways of saying the same thing, yes.

For what it's worth, the 500.16 way of doing it is preferable, for being easier to search and organize, and a lot of error codes are done this way, for the same reason. http error codes, for example.

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