I am using astersik real time (dynamic). I have entered my SIP trunk details into the sippeers tables.

However, the sip trunk does not perform a register with the SIP TRUNK providers servers as it would if wrote it in sip.conf manually as

register => username:password@

I use the recommended sippeers table as describe at the asterisk documentation:


I know that the sip trunk is not being registered because :

  1. i do not see it as registered when i do a sip show registry on the asterisk CLI

  2. When i attempt to make a call, asterisk throws a forbidden error.

  3. It however recognises my sip trunk as a peer.

  4. When i manually write the entries into the sip.conf file, it all works. i.e: register statement and sip trunk peer description.

Any inputs will be appreciated.


Not gonna work. http://lists.digium.com/pipermail/asterisk-users/2009-November/241425.html

Use #exec directive to execute external script which retrieves registration data from DB, and outputs correct registration string as text.

Do not forget to enable #exec in asterisk.conf

You will need to do sip reload each time you change registration settings.

With reload you will lose all existing registrations and all previously registered devices will be unreachable till they register again.

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