I am installing php5-fpm on my ubuntu system but could not able to find www.conf file under pool.d directory.

In my /etc/php5/fpm folder, there are only 2 directories - conf.d and pool.d

Command which I am using -

apt-get install php5-fpm

Am i missing anything?

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The command is correct. Use dpkg -L to see what files the package installed.

$ dpkg -L php5-fpm

If you still can't find the file, backup any files you've edited, uninstall/reinstall the package then check again.

$ sudo apt-get purge php5-fpm; sudo apt-get install php5-fpm
  • Yes - purging works! I just tried to re-install php5-fpm - but did not tried purge command
    – Raj Sf
    Apr 26, 2014 at 4:00

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