Pretty confused by this, I have a website which is on a Fasthosts shared hosting package, the server IP is 213.171.xxx.x

However when you do a DNS lookup the A record is a completely different IP lets says 213.171.yyy.yyy

I have edited the files on the server and the website itself updates, so I am definitely looking at the correct files but I have no idea how it is resolving?

I might add that I have inherited this situation and I am stumped by it?

Any help/explanations would be greatly appreciated.


213.171.yyy.yyy may be a VIP used for load balancing or proxying.

In such a scenario, all trafic sent to the VIP, matching certain conditions (such as hostname: cosmicsafari.tld) will get redirected/forwarded to 213.171.xxx.x seemlessly

  • Was in contact with their Technical Team and this sounds exactly like their explanation. – cosmicsafari Apr 28 '14 at 12:17

One possible reason for this is that the server has multiple IP addresses. You could check this with dig e.g.

dig + short google.com

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