I have vps guests that are managed by KVM and libvirt. Using virt-df, I am able to check the real disk usage of each vps guest.

#virt-df [--options] -d domname

Is there a similar utility tool to check memory usage and cpu usage?

I tried virt-top, but the cpu% and mem% it returned were mostly less than 1%, which was less accurate.

 virsh dommemstat <vm-name>

This will show the currect memory the vm is using, along with the total memory allotted to it.

Example: My vm name is testvm. so the command will be:

 virsh dommemstat testvm


 actual 8388608
 swap_in 189132507715
 rss 1945288

I suspect you're confusing things here. virt-df will show you the disk space inside the guest. virt-top will show you what resources the guest is using on the host. The 'less then 1%' you refer to indicates the guest was not using very much of the host's resources.

There is no way to tell from outside a KVM instance what processes are running, or what percentage of CPU/memory they are using. KVM instances are basically a black box as far as the host is concerned.

  • "virsh dommemstat [name]" returns the actual memory a vm is using. – Purres May 28 '14 at 1:17

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