I'm trying to setup uwsgi to use pypy following what is posted here, using the build PyPy support as a plugin method.


I have seemed to manage to build the pypy plugin using:

Linux x86 64-bit: http://projects.unbit.it/downloads/pypy/libpypy-c-x86_64_20130524.so

Now I'm running uwsgi with this ini file below:

plugins = /home/alphad/uwsgi-2.0/pypy
http = :8080
chdir = /var/www/projecta/src/myproject
pypy-pp = ..
env = DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=myproject.settings
processes = 6
disable-logging = false
catch-exceptions = false
post-buffering = 8192
vacuum = true
listen = 120
pypy-home = /home/alphad/pypy-2.2.1-linux64/
pypy-lib = /home/alphad/pypy-2.2.1-linux64/lib_pypy/libpypy-c.so
pypy-wsgi-file = myproject/apache/django.wsgi

It seems to be detecting pypy, but also it's trying to use python, so it stops/crashes with the following error:

!!! Loading both PyPy and CPython in the same process IS PURE EVIL AND IT IS NOT SUPPORTED !!!

How can I get uwsgi to properly run using PYPY? I'm not trying to be evil...


Rebuild your uWSGI server without the python plugin embedded.

make PROFILE=nolang

will do the trick

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